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Crowd of people on a busy street
Steve Nicholson

Gathering Your First 50 People

One of the most difficult aspects of church planting is simply gathering your first fifty people. Second only, of course, to gathering your next fifty,

Diversity & Justice
Justin Juntunen

Best Webinars of 2017

Multiply Vineyard comes alongside local churches by providing free webinars every month where you can interact with practitioners, pastors, and leaders in making disciples. We

Michael Gatlin

The ABCs of Marketing Your Church

Marketing and branding isn’t a non-biblical activity, far from it actually. I actually see a lot of connection between the basic ideas of marketing and

Michael Houle

Cultivating a Culture of Outreach

Sharing the Kingdom means communicating God’s love in action to our neighbors. To be a healthy church, an evangelistic church, we have to begin by

Diversity & Justice
Erica Graff

Small Church. Big Impact

Sacred Space Church is a church plant formed to bring more of the kingdom to the community of Worthington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. It

Ken Peters

Reaching The Children In Your Community

We pastored a traditional Vineyard church in Richmond, Virginia for many years, but felt a disconnect with where our family lived (predominantly low-income African-American community)

Alexi George

How To Do Jesus Style Evangelism

The typical approach to evangelism can be described with this statement: “What you believe is wrong and what I believe is correct. So stop believing