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Learning Outcome: Participants will interact with key capacity measures that limit or accelerate church growth and reflect on the ways that your small group structure supports healthy community and church growth.

Reflection Question:

What different kinds of small groups have you experienced as a member? Which do you feel benefitted you the most?

Have you ever experienced a small group that really made you feel connected? If so, what was good about that group? If not, what would you have hoped for?

Who was the best small group leader you ever had? What did they do that inspires you?

Have you ever been trained as a small group leader? If so…What from that training has been most helpful? Can you think of anything that would have made it more effective?

Think back to when you first started leading a small group. What were your greatest challenges? What helped you overcome those challenges? Were there pastors who helped you grow as a leader? If so, what did they do?

How important do you think that small groups are in order for people to get relationally connected?

After this discussion, do you want to change or add anything to your Pathway to Involvement?

How does this discussion on small groups informs what they prioritize on their Pathway to Involvement.