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Learning Objective:

You will learn the two groups of basic building blocks for leadership at the Vineyard: foundational blocks and secondary blocks.

Teaching Notes:

1. Leadership is a high calling and requires a high commitment.

2. Regularly practice of personal soul care.

Begin at the beginning: Make intimacy with Jesus your top priority!

John 17:3 “Now this is eternal life, that they may know you…”

Psalm 34.8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good”

You can never be who you were meant to be apart from an interactive, experiential relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

3. Set aside time for a regular Spiritual Workout.

4. Make a commitment to lead from a place of wholeness.

We all carry old wounds. These old wounds will hold you back and deeply hurt those around you.

5. Believe in the vision and mission of the Vineyard and be committed to helping see it become a reality.

Our vision is this: We want to develop a community of disciples of Jesus who love and experience God, who love one another, and who partner with Christ to bring healing to our world.

Or stated more simply: Love God. Love people. Period.

Our vision statement actually unpacks our priorities, the things we actually do. Priorities describe how we spend our time, energy and money.

6. Be one who practices the priorities: worship, ministry, discipleship, community, evangelism.

We are a community

We are disciples of Jesus

We are love and experience God

We love one another

We partner with Christ to heal the world

7. Be a keeper of the values…

We are a people of the Kingdom of God who…

We have a value to Partner with the Holy Spirit

We have a value to Experience and worship God

We have a value to Reconcile people with God and all creation

We have a value to Engage in compassionate ministry

We have a value to Pursue culturally relevant mission in the world

8. Be a team player and participant in the process of discipleship.

9. Be committed more than most.

10. Be an example of authenticity.

11. Be a cultural engineer.

12. Be a person of grace.

Application & Reflection:

1. Are your life and relationships worth exporting to the whole community around me? For the places in your life where you would say “no” how are you letting God change you?

2. Are you currently right now learning how to live your life like Jesus? Are you right now helping other people do the same?

3. How do you feel about these expectations? Which expectations do you easily embrace? Which expectations do you bristle at?