English Español 简体中文
English Español 简体中文

Learning Objective:

You will learn the purpose of leadership in the church, and a model for leadership reproduction in the church.

Teaching Notes:

1. Read: Exodus 18

2. Jethro’s advice to Moses, “You cannot handle it alone!”

3. The purpose of leadership in the church – Equipping and Empowering

4. Read: Ephesians 4:12–16

5. The model for leadership reproduction in the church

6. Read: 2 Timothy 2:2

7. I.R.T.D.M.N.

Identifying new leaders

Recruiting new leaders

Training new leaders

Deploying new leaders

Monitoring new leaders

Nurturing new leaders

The Basic

8. Discipleship/leadership Development Loop:

Step One – You do the ministry.

Step Two – You do the ministry while your trainee observes.

Step Three – You do the ministry with your trainee.

Step Four – They do the ministry solo, and then you get together and discuss it.

Step Five – You release them to begin to train others.

Application & Reflection:

1. How is God inviting you toward more leadership in your community?

2. What is one goal that you would like to commit to as we complete this course?

3. Who are the people that you can invite to help keep you accountable to your goal?

4. When are you going to complete your goal?

Additional Resources/Readings:

  1. For more on leadership development read: Launching Leaders: How to Multiply Leaders in the Local Church also in Spanish/Espanol