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Application to Plant a Vineyard Church

Welcome. We are so glad that you’re here.
Thank you for beginning a church planting discernment process with the Association of Vineyard churches. We are so glad to be walking through this process with you. This is our extended, in-depth application to plant a Vineyard Church.

Church planting is a major part of what the Vineyard community is all about. We want to be constantly forming new communities of disciples of Jesus that are missionally-minded, Spirit-empowered, multiplying churches who are committed to embodying the words and works of Jesus in every area of human life. And we’d love to do that alongside you.

In fact, we are here to walk with you as you explore and prepare for church planting in the community of Vineyard churches. As you consider beginning a new Vineyard church, we’re here to help, to encourage you, and to offer bits of wisdom gained through experience to help you stay on the path. We want to see you succeed and achieve the God-given calling you have.

Most church planters complete this application 12-24 months prior to being released as a planter. This application will likely take 1-2 hours to complete. We suggest you write out and save your long-form answers in a separate document in case you have any trouble with your internet browser or connection. 

Upon completion of this form you will be matched with a trained pastor in your region for an initial call to talk through your answers, your vision for the church you hope to begin, and to discuss what the process will look like moving forward.