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About Multiply Vineyard

Embracing the kingdom. Engaging the world. Multiplying churches.

The Vineyard is a movement of 550+ congregations in the U.S. and 2400+ churches around the globe birthed 40 years ago with a dream to follow Jesus, embrace his kingdom, and reproduce healthy local churches that engage our communities with hope and healing.

We combine a welcoming of the Holy Spirit with the authority of the Bible, outward action with inward spiritual formation all toward multiplying disciples of Jesus and churches that will do it again and again. 

We embrace a variety of diverse and creative methods of reproducing healthy churches so that we can join with what God is doing in every town and with all kinds of people. We are all about equipping and supporting the women and men who are called to lead these churches.

Our goal

Healthy churches in every town and city.

Our goal is to encourage the healthy multiplication of disciples, leaders, and churches throughout America. 

Our methods

Mega-churches to monasteries;
small towns to big cities

The only “right way” to plant a Vineyard church is to be aligning our approach with what God is doing in each particular location. We support and encourage diverse and creative expressions of church planting.

Our impact

164 new churches

Sent from 96 parent churches since January 2013

2875 Salvations

and 1765 baptisms in these churches since 2013

How can we help you?

Multiply Vineyard is a community of Vineyard church leaders committed to helping our churches multiply. Seriously, that’s it. This is why we get up in the morning.

We honestly believe that the power and presence of God is currently available to anyone who would put their confidence in the resurrected Christ, and that this is the best possible life available on our planet. Multiplying healthy Vineyard churches that live out this reality is what we’re all about.

To do that, we’ve developed an extensive discernment process to help potential church planters discover their specific gifts and abilities and to help them discern if the Vineyard community of churches might be a good fit for them.

Through the process of church planting or sending out a church plant, our community will come alongside you to discern, help train you for success, and coach you through each step along the way.

Meet our leadership
Corey Garris

Corey Garris

Operations Coordinator

Kurt Attaway

Network Catalyst Specialist

Chris Meekins

New Partner Specialist

Ben Folman

Church Plant Process Coordinator

Regional Representatives

Seasoned Vineyard pastors passionate about inspiring and empowering churches in their region to multiply or begin the process of planting a healthy Vineyard church


Our team of specialists are experts in their areas and some of the best that the Vineyard has to offer

Our stories
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John & Kara Kim
The166 | Manhattan, NY

"We're creating a space where New Yorkers can be formed in the image of Christ for the sake of others."
Mid-City Vineyard
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Sandra Giet
Mid-City Vineyard | Los Angeles, CA

"It’s been an amazing experience to create a place where people can come and encounter the presence and love of God."
South Suburban Vineyard
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Geno Olison
South Suburban Vineyard | Flossmoor, IL

“I moved to Flossmoor, Illinois to plant a multiethnic expression of a Vineyard Church.”
Oil City Vineyard
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Charlie Cotherman
Oil City Vineyard | Oil City, PA

“We moved back to Oil City because God loves people everywhere, including small towns & rural villages that are often forgotten.
La Viña Gurnee
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Letty Mercado
La Viña Gurnee | Gurnee, IL

“We never dreamed of planting a church, but felt reassurance from the Holy Spirit that He would be with us every step of the way.”