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You are worth investing in. Local church-based residencies are the standard for learning the competencies for church planting, because you are learning them in healthy local churches.

This program previously available only through Vineyard Institute is now free through Multiply Vineyard. We recommend connecting with your pastor before enrolling. The best learning happens within the local church context.

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Formation of the Inner Life

Course length: 10 Weeks
This course aims to lay a foundation of spiritual formation for students who are seeking to develop as leaders within the context of their local Vineyard church.

Details & documents:
Learning outcomes & objectives:
  • Develop a deeper awareness and experience of embracing their identity in Christ.
  • Introduction and practice of  specific spiritual disciplines.
  • Learn historic spiritual formation concepts and apply them to their lives.
  • Develop a greater degree of personal selfawareness.
  • Know what a biblical leadership development journey entails, and assess where they are on that journey.
Required reading:


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