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Our robust course material, previously exclusive to Vineyard Institute, is now available for FREE here for local church residencies.

The course material combined with mentoring by local church pastors is a great springboard for church planters!  The course material consists of 4 full 10-week sessions, reading assignments, video teaching to be done in collaboration with a local church pastor or other mentor. 

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Connect with us and we’ll help orient you to how to best run a residency in your church.

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Courses are each a 10 week commitment and each include 4 mandatory books, webinars, and supplemental reading. 
Courses should be completed in conjunction with your local pastor. 


R3- Reaching, Connecting, & Building People

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R4- The Practical Concerns of Doing Church

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About the Program

You are worth investing in! Local church-based residencies are the standard for learning the competencies for church planting, because you are learning them in healthy local churches. We develop competences for success and the character to sustain while actively involved in ministry.

How it works

Learning outcomes & objectives:
  • Develop 8 core competencies that all successful church planters have.
  • Gain deeper self awareness toward your skills, giftings, and calling as a follower of Christ.
  • Practice essential elements of evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training in your local community.
  • Receive hundreds of resources on the nuts and bolts of planting a church.

Details & documents:

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Course Details

Formation of the Inner Life

This course aims to lay a foundation of spiritual formation for students who are seeking to develop as leaders within the context of their local Vineyard church.

Discovering Vision and Values

This course aims to provide a deep look into the history, purpose, and vision of the church. Specifically, this course explores the history of the church through the lens of the Vineyard Movement.

Reaching, Connecting, & Building People

This course aims to provide a deep look the calling to share the gospel, and how that can transform a persons life. Specifically, this course explores sharing the gospel, beginning to lead others on a path of discipleship, and best practices for gathering people for a church plant.

The Practical Concerns of Doing Church

This course aims to provide a and overview of key areas of church practice. Specifically, this course explores the topics: preaching, church systems, strategic planning, marketing, pastoral care, small groups, and finance.