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Discerning an invitation from God to something as all-encompassing as planting a church is no small task, and we’re not meant to go it alone.

From our years of experience planting churches all over the world, we have developed a clear process that will help you discern how and where God might be calling you to invest your life.

The Vineyard is a movement of churches forming new communities of disciples of Jesus that are missionally-minded, Spirit-empowered, and multiplying churches who are committed to embodying the words and works of Jesus in every area of human life.

We have resources and relationships to help you fulfill the vision God has given you.

Ultimately, we want to help each person who comes to us to find God’s perfect fit for their life and gifts. We want to hear God’s voice alongside you and we’re committed to supporting you along your journey.

Start the church planting process with the Vineyard!

Begin a conversation with us and we will be in touch to help you figure out your next step.

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Exponential Gathering

The Holy Spirit, Church Planting, and God’s Mission Lunch – Wednesday, March 4 at 12pm in Tent 8

At its core, church planting is really about joining in and participating with what God is already doing, in you and in your community. We believe that God is actively at work in every city and in every single neighborhood where we live.

Join us for a conversation and lunch about the different models and partnerships that are available to church planters. Hear from Vineyard Pastors from around the USA about how they are seeing God moving in their communities and how Multiply Vineyard can partner with you to help support the work God is doing in you. 

Learn more about Vineyard church planting: