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Getting to know the Vineyard

The Vineyard is a movement of 550+ congregations in the U.S. and 2400+ churches around the globe birthed 40 years ago with a dream to follow Jesus, embrace his kingdom, and reproduce healthy local churches that engage our communities with hope and healing.

We combine a welcoming of the Holy Spirit with the authority of the Bible, outward action with inward spiritual formation all toward multiplying disciples of Jesus and churches that will do it again and again. 

We embrace a variety of diverse and creative methods of reproducing healthy churches so that we can join with what God is doing in every town and with all kinds of people. We are all about equipping and supporting the women and men who are called to lead these churches.

Learn about the Vineyard: 

Through this booklet, learn about the Vineyard movement's history, core values, and vision for planting new churches.


Suggested Reading

- Power Evangelism - John Wimber
- Power Healing - John Wimber
- Empowered Evangelicals - Rich Nathan and Ken Wilson
- Gospel of the Kingdom - George Eldon Ladd
- Breakthrough - Derek Morphew
- The Quest For The Radical Middle - Bill Jackson
- Living the Future: The Kingdom of God and the Holy Spirit in the Vineyard Movement - Douglas Erickson
- The Way In is the Way On - John Wimber

Vineyard Distinctives

Our distinctives are the practical outworking of our theology and values. They express our unique character as a movement in much the same way that a similar nose or turn of phrase expresses the character of a human family. We sum up what makes us distinct with a collection of colorful, descriptive phrases that we’ve developed over time (many of them came from John Wimber and other original players in the movement) to verbalize how we are living out the reality of the kingdom of God.

Vineyard Institute - Vineyard Essentials

Vineyard Institute exists as a global education provider to equip the people of God to pursue the call to go out into the world as workers of the harvest, whether that calling is a disciple in the workplace and community, a parent, a small group leader, ministry worker, missionary, church-planter or a pastor.

Vineyard Essentials are courses designed to teach about the Vineyard’s theology of the kingdom and inspire you to demonstrate and live it out!

The Story of the Kingdom
Begin to understand what the Bible is and what’s included in it and the different ways of telling the story.

Understanding The Kingdom
Gain a solid understanding of the kingdom in both Old Testament expectation and the New Testament fulfillment. 

Demonstrating The Kingdom
Learn about the gifts that enable the mission and growth of the church including healing and deliverance.

Additional suggested classes include: 

  • Church Planting
  • Healing 1
  • Healing 2
  • Philosophy of Ministry 
  • Vineyard Theology: The Kingdom and the Spirit