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Experts to resource and mentor you

Our team of specialists are experts in their areas and some of the best that the Vineyard has to offer.

Harry Fritzenshaft

VUSA Coaching

Harry Fritzenschaft
Partnering with planters and pastors through thought-provoking dialogue, accountability, and encouragement to enable them to achieve their goals.


Chris Meekins Initial discerning conversations to help planters discover whether planting a Vineyard church might be a good fit for them.

La Viña

Rubén Quintero
This team is here to support you as you reach out to the Spanish speakers in your community. Utilize resources available in Spanish including booklets, coaching, conferences, training, and more.

Asian American Church Planting

Kenneth Kwan & Dennis Liu
Support and encouragement in a multigenerational and multicultural approach for building new Asian American churches.


Kurt Attaway
Our team has assembled the very best learnings and resources to help you build a collaborative network of churches focused on gospel saturation in your city, town, or area.


Vineyard Justice Network

Kathy Maskell
VJN empowers pastors and leaders to pursue and enact the justice of God’s kingdom by providing the resources, coaching, and the relationships needed to engage in issues of justice.

Small Town USA

Michael Houle
Small Town USA is a group of churches teaming up to plant Vineyard churches in small towns across America and equipping planters with blogs, triad partnerships, webinars, conferences, and more.

Disciple Making Movements

David Hinman
DMM is a strategy to help you engage those who may not attend a church service on Sunday morning by interacting with the bible together, developing leaders, getting coaching, and more.