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Find a Vineyard church

There are over 500 Vineyard churches in the U.S.

Our team of Regional Representatives are seasoned Vineyard pastors passionate about inspiring and empowering churches in their region to multiply. Reach out to connect directly with each of them with questions and to get involved with churches in your region.

Steve Huffman

Great Lakes North Region Representativenn

David Hinman

Southwest Region Representative

Rich Andrews

Eastern Region Representative

Paul Watson

Rocky Mountain Region Representativennn

John Aureli

South Central Region Representativenn

Mike and Betty Frye

Central California Representative

Chris Schlotterbeck

Mid-Atlantic Region Representativennn

Reese LeRoy

South East Region Representativenn

Hal Hester

Florida Region Representativenn

Dwight Seletzky

Great Lakes East Region Representativennn

Allen Hodges

Big Sky Region Representativenn

Neil McReynolds

Midwest South Region Representativenn

Tony Portell

Great Lakes South Region Representativennn

Luke Geraty

North West Region Representativenn

Travis Twyman

Southern California Representative

Multiply Vineyard

Multiply Vineyard

Midwest North Representative