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Church Adoption

This adoption process provides non-Vineyard churches that share our values, priorities, and practices a pathway to join with the mission, commitments, and relationships of Vineyard USA (VUSA)

The purpose of this process is for both the Vineyard Regional Leader (RL) and Area Leaders (AL) and the applicant to  do the following: 

  • Prayerfully discern that the pastor and the church have been specifically called to be a part of the Vineyard along with a major consensus of the church.
  • Determine if the candidate demonstrates mature leadership, integrity, and the pastoral gifting of leading a congregation of people in Kingdom Theology.
  • Assist both pastor and spouse to develop relationships within the Vineyard.
  • Determine if the candidate is in agreement with the Core Values and Beliefs of the Vineyard, our general philosophy of ministry, our priorities, values, and style.
  • Clarify the commitments required of Vineyard churches and pastors and be certain that the pastor and the church are willing to keep those commitments.
  • Determine that the church has healthy financials, including a recommended three months in operating budget in reserves and an appropriate accountability structure in place.

Adoption Checklist for Applicant  

Step 1: Learning and Discerning: 

    • Read through information about adoption from the Regional Leader (RL).
    • Read and listen to the material on the required/suggested reading and audio.
    • Complete Value Assessment
    • Seek God regarding the formal adoption process. Include your church’s elder team/board and leaders in the discernment process as much as possible. 
    • Inform the Regional Leader (RL) of your intent to pursue the adoption process

Step 2: Build Vineyard Relationships

    • Develop relationships with Vineyard pastors
    • Attend several Vineyard events 
    • Choose at least one or more Vineyard pastor in your region to develop a closer relationship with
    • Invite Vineyard pastors to your church events

Step 3: Formal Request

    • Communicate to the AL that you are interested in pursuing an adoption
    • Coordinate Meeting Times with your Area Leader (AL) to begin the Mentoring process with your church.
    • Send your financial statements and lease agreement(s) to your AL for review
    • Complete the formal Adoption Application

Looking for more info about the Vineyard? Go here or visit vineyardusa.org.

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