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Tom Camacho

The Power Of Empowering

Leading a church can sometimes feel like wrestling five alligators. Add five more alligators and an anaconda, and that’s what it can feel like to

Two Men At Table
Leadership Development
Lindsey Gatlin

Don’t Abandon Your Leaders—Monitor Them

With Jesus as our model for leadership development, our movement has created a leadership development process called IRTDMN. The six steps are Identify, Recruit, Train,

Leadership Development

The Importance of Invitations

In our journey of becoming more like Jesus, we have many opportunities to say yes to what He is doing and we have many opportunities

Leadership Development
Becky Pechek

Don’t Waste Your Time with Interns

As a church planter or pastor, you’re always on the lookout for new leaders. And sometimes you see that these leaders are ready for more—more