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Derek Heilmann

A Dream for Church Unity in our City

When I am studying, collecting ideas, mind-mapping thoughts, and prayerfully working on the sermons I preach, I have a number of goals that are in the back of my mind. Here are 5 of my goals:

woman writing in a calendar
Disciple Making Movements
David Hinman

How a Simple Calendar Can Start a Prayer Movement

Instead of taking big, time-consuming steps, what if we started with little steps like praying for another person for only five minutes a day? What if that simple practice began to multiply, resulting in a cascading movement of prayer that eventually transformed a whole community?

Brian Brinkert Headshot
Lindsey Gatlin

Tools for Digital Discipleship

Helping people become disciples of Jesus is what God has created the church to do. As we think about how to accomplish this, Jesus is