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Doing more together than we could ever do on our own

An African proverb says, “If you want to go fast— go alone. If you want to go far—go together.” 

Through partnerships with other church planting and resourcing organizations, we’re able to do more together than we could ever do on our own.

Multiply Vineyard is committed to developing partnerships to resource you as church planters and sending pastors in your journey of church multiplication. 

The following are the current partnerships available to those planting new Vineyard churches in the United States.

Need help?

We'd love to help you find the right partnership or resource for you.


Stadia is a one-stop shop for all things church planting. They assess church planting candidates. They train. They have resources for project management, bookkeeping, and fundraising. They do it all! Regardless if you’re planting in your home or you’re launching large, Stadia has the training and resources that can help you launch your church.


StartCHURCH resources planters on the administrative and legal establishment of their churches. StartCHURCH offers StartRIGHT, a service that helps planters with incorporation, FEIN, bylaws, policies, tax exempt status, and ordination all using powerful web-based software tools.


Gloo uses cutting edge technology to provide church planters with data analytics that can improve the success of new church plants by helping you find the audience you're wanting to reach. For instance, a church can use Gloo’s services to determine which new residents in a geographical area are likely to visit a church and drastically improve targeted outreach strategies.

Additionally, by participating in Gloo’s platform, Multiply Vineyard will be able to learn about Vineyard church planter issues, concerns, and opportunities in order to care and provide resources when needed.

New Thing

New Thing helps established churches learn how to start and sustain networks of churches who work together to plant more churches. New Thing and Multiply Vineyard will begin to host Catalyst Communities for churches who wish to encourage and support each other in sending out new church plants. These cohorts will focus on clarifying vision, identifying and removing barriers, and creating customized strategic action plans to build, sustain, and reproduce the network. The first cohort will begin in 2021.