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Michael Gatlin

“Good Enough, I’m Ready”

In 1541, Francis Xavier was asked to go lead a mission to Asia, He replied, “Good enough, I’m ready,” and left within 48 hours, never

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I Said Yes To God

What if God wanted to use you to plant a Vineyard church? Will you say “yes” to God?

Doin’ the Stuff

Classic encouragement from John Wimber, 1986 I did some short T.V. programs which I called Doin’ the Stuff. Since that time I have reflected on

Everyone Gets to Play

Enjoy this classic article by John Wimber on flowing in the Spirit. What’s ahead in the near future for the believer who wants to move

Lindsey Gatlin

Leaders With A Limp

Enjoy this classic article from Equipping The Saints, Winter 1989 By John Wimber They may not be the swiftest but they always finish that which

Justin Juntunen

A New Vineyard Story

Enjoy this great video that shares the story of a new Vineyard Church being planted in Milwaukee.