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From our years of experience planting churches all over the world, we have developed a clear process that will help you discern how and where God might be calling you to invest your life. We’re excited to be on this journey with you! Let’s get started. 

Stages of the process


Vineyard Church Planters are people who long to see the gospel extended and bring transformation to a new community.

They are folks who aren’t always content with what already exists, rather they have an entrepreneurial bent. They want to start new things and they challenge the status quo. They notice things that are wrong or broken and they have the vision of how to accomplish what is necessary for healthy change.

If that sounds like you, the identification stage is where you raise your hand and say, “I just might be interested in church planting.”

Here are the first steps we invite you to take with us:

Here are the first steps we invite you to take with Stadia: 

Following the above steps with us, you will be invited into Stadia’s Discovery Process, which helps determine your aptitude and readiness. In addition to receiving a spiritual call to church plant, we want to make sure you are best suited and most prepared for the incredible task at hand. Stadia’s Discovery Process involves three surveys and three interviews:

  • Personal Readiness Survey
  • Professional Survey
  • Personal Survey


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