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Leadership Development
Tony Portell

Testing the Heart of Potential Leaders

One of the great temptations in pastoring is putting people in places of leadership before they are ready. Let’s face it; sometimes it seems like

Leadership Development
Alexi George

The Move Toward Leadership

A person begins their interaction with your church simply as a participant. It is a one way relationship as they receive, listen, and learn. They

Focused Church Planter Training
Justin Juntunen

Best Webinars of 2018

Multiply Vineyard comes alongside local churches by providing free webinars every month where you can interact with practitioners, pastors, and leaders in making disciples. We

Man looking over cityscape
Focused Church Planter Training
Mike Turrigiano

The Main Ingredient In Church Planting

At the risk of being too simple, I’d say successful church planting boils down to being the right person in the right place following God’s

Man and woman's hands together
Marriage and Family
Nikki Sauter

Doing the Dance: Co-leading With Your Spouse

Collaborative leadership is becoming increasingly more common. Companies and organizations are noticing that diverse partnerships that spread power and leadership are often more creative, healthy,

Michael Gatlin

The Emotional Baggage Of Evangelism

“Our most important priority as it regards God is worship. And our most important priority as it regards people is evangelism.” As people engage with