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Church Planting Story
Joshua Pickett

Reasons We Plant Churches

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly convinced that planting churches is one of the most significant ways the church can do what

Church Planting Story
Pauline Powell

Church Planting in my 50s

I first visited a Vineyard church in 1991 and I experienced grace, truth, and love that broke through my walls and brought healing to my

Wadsworth Blvd. In Arvada, CO
Church Planting Story
Jay Pathak

What’s Your Dream For Your City?

We moved with ten people from Columbus to plant a church. Our call was really clear, and it was repeated over a number of years

Anna and West Taul
Church Planting Story
Anna Taul

Everyone Really Does Get To Play!

As we started serving on ministry teams at our local Vineyard church, we learned more about the Vineyard’s values and beliefs; We absolutely loved the