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Scuba Diver under water
Focused Church Planter Training
Tom Camacho

Less Is More

“You’ve got to flow with the current, my friend,” said Flavio, my dive master, with a wide grin. I love scuba diving, but on this

Anna and West Taul
Church Planting Story
Anna Taul

Everyone Really Does Get To Play!

As we started serving on ministry teams at our local Vineyard church, we learned more about the Vineyard’s values and beliefs; We absolutely loved the

Vance Steinman

Preventing Your Leadership Crash

Planting a new church is exciting, and for the most part spiritually and emotionally rewarding. It also comes with a massive cost and a lot

Diversity & Justice
Justin Juntunen

Best Webinars of 2017

Multiply Vineyard comes alongside local churches by providing free webinars every month where you can interact with practitioners, pastors, and leaders in making disciples. We

Diversity & Justice
Brittney Moore

Advice For Future Female Pastors

I never envisioned becoming a senior pastor. I wasn’t even sure women should be pastors. In college, I was a history major. I spent time

Focused Church Planter Training
Michael Gatlin

Answers To Common Church Planting FAQs

At a recent workshop on church planting, I fielded questions about church planting that we thought might be helpful for a wider audience. If you’ve