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Don Guttormson Headshot
Don Guttormson

No Ministry For Old Folks

The 2007 film “No Country for Old Men” is a crime drama about a man who finds a pickup truck surrounded by dead bodies full

Crowd of people on a busy street
Steve Nicholson

Gathering Your First 50 People

One of the most difficult aspects of church planting is simply gathering your first fifty people. Second only, of course, to gathering your next fifty,

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Focused Church Planter Training
Ray Duran

4 Ministry Truths To Keep You Going

We have all heard how hard ministry is on every area of life. People say that there is constant stress, that it is hard on

Scuba Diver under water
Focused Church Planter Training
Tom Camacho

Less Is More

“You’ve got to flow with the current, my friend,” said Flavio, my dive master, with a wide grin. I love scuba diving, but on this