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Person with a bible
Focused Church Planter Training
Luke Geraty

Five Goals of Good Preaching

When I am studying, collecting ideas, mind-mapping thoughts, and prayerfully working on the sermons I preach, I have a number of goals that are in the back of my mind. Here are 5 of my goals:

Liz Moore
Liz Moore

Theology Is Something You Do

We’re kicking off season 2 of the How To Plant A Healthy Church Podcast with Liz Moore. Having recently served for eight years as New

Justin Juntunen

Vineyard Preaching Essentials

One of the cores to a healthy church plant is teaching the community through preaching. Watch this conversation on how to hone your best message

Church Planting Story
Justin Juntunen

Shari Luebbert’s Story

In this profile, I love how Shari’s personality not only comes through, but how it turns up as a key part of how God is