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Justin Juntunen

Missional Leaders Meeting 2014 Audio

165 Vineyard leaders attended the Missional Leaders Meeting in the fall of 2014.  Once again, we were at the beautiful Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs.

Justin Juntunen

Connect with us at the Cause

We’re really excited about all God is about to do at the Cause to Live For Conference this weekend! So much so, that we’ve created

Michael Gatlin

2014 Missional Leader’s Meeting

I just returned home from the 2014 Vineyard Missional Leader’s Meeting in beautiful Colorado Springs, and what a great week it was! If you’re not

Justin Juntunen

A Video Update From Michael Gatlin

In the May 2014 issue of the Multiply Vineyard newsletter you will learn about the coaching resources we provide for every church planter, hear about