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La Viña

Planting churches where Hispanics can meet Jesus, worship the Lord and be ministered to in their own language

How can you can get involved with La Viñas?

The fifth largest Spanish-speaking population is now residing in the US. Latinos can be found almost in every community of this country. They need to hear the Gospel of Jesus in their own language and the Lord wants to build a multi ethnic, multicultural and multilingual church.

Our vision is plant churches where Hispanics can meet Jesus, worship the Lord and be ministered in their own language.

There are 3 simple ways you can get involved:

  1. Pray – Join our prayer group. Our goal is to recruit more than 200 intercessors that will pray frequently for our vision and our church planters.
  2. Provide – Give us the contact info of someone who speaks Spanish and has the potential to plant a La Viña.
  3. Partner – Share your expertise and resources with us to help us plant and establish La Viña churches in the USA.

Resources in Spanish

  • Coaches
  • Training
  • La Viña USA Partnership
  • Vineyard books and booklets
  • Church planting intensive

Rubén Quintero | La Viña Specialist

Reach out to Rubén and the La Viña team to see how they can help your church engage with planting a Spanish-speaking church or partnering with a local La Viña congregation.

Free eBook: How to Partner with La Viña

This eBook covers what we've learned about beginning a La Viña service or sending out a spanish-speaking church plant.

Programa de Adiestramiento

El Grupo de La Viña Multiplica esta desarrollando un currículo para capacitar a los creyentes para que sean más efectivos en el llamado que Dios ha puesto en sus vidas como siervos, líderes, obreros, pastores y plantadores de iglesias.  Aquí le proveemos clases, tareas, lecturas, experiencias y herramientas.

Nuestro deseo es proveer a los pastores y líderes locales con el material y las herramientas para poder llevar a cabo adiestramientos en la iglesia local.

El programa consiste de 5 módulos:


Learn more about Coaching opportunities with La Viña.