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Neighborhood Collective

We really are better together!

How can the Neighborhood Collective help you?

People are rooted in their neighborhoods. Neighborhood churches aim to make disciples who are investing themselves in their neighborhood, their local context, school, and non-profit. We sometimes see a deeper level of commitment when someone is participating in a neighborhood church and we believe focusing on one neighborhood amplifies impact instead of scattering it.

A neighborhood city collective is a group of churches that collaborate together and share values and resources as the reach the neighborhoods around their city. 

We can help you think about starting or joining a neighborhood city collective. 

What kind of personality do you need to have to plant a neighborhood city church?

To plant in a neighborhood city collective, you have to really want to be on a team. You might be a strong leader and have a distinct calling to lead a local church, but not want to go alone. Partnerships mean you don’t have to.

There does have to be a willingness for mutual submission. You may have to be humble and do things in a way you hadn’t thought about before.

Jay Pathak | Neighborhood Collective

Jay is the Lead Pastor of the Mile High Vineyard and specializes in developing leaders and teaching on the art of neighboring.

Free eBook: What Vineyard Church Planting Looks Like

Read the story of Christian Summers, a neighborhood city collective church planter in Lakewood, Colorado.