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Disciple Making Movements (DMM)

Rediscover ways to reach those not likely to attend a Sunday morning church service

Making disciples: the essential thing Jesus told us to do

Disciple Making Movements (DMM) are a strategy to help you rediscover ways to reach those who may not be likely to attend a church service on a Sunday morning. Whether it’s gathering other parents in your playgroup, meeting with those who visit your gym, or radically welcoming your actual neighbors down the street, DMM is a set of tools to help you engage them, interact with the bible together, develop leaders, get coaching, and expand the kingdom.

These groups result in disciples reproducing disciples, leaders reproducing leaders, churches reproducing churches, and movements reproducing movements.

DMMs start small but can grow to include hundreds or thousands of people. Currently there are 650 movements in numerous countries around the world and thousands of churches being formed from these groups. While the majority of movements are in the Global South but there is a growing number in the North as churches and ministries seek alternative ways to reach the communities. When movements start, the gospel actively transforms the cultures neighborhoods to cities.

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David Hinman | DMM Specialist

David is a pastor at the Vineyard Gilbert who has trained and mentored numerous churches, ministries, and individuals in DMM in the U.S. and Africa. Contact us to discuss how we can help you engage.

Free eBook: Intro to Disciple Making Movements

This booklet contains information on the 5 main components of DMM, key principles, and a resources list for further study.

Guide: How to Run Discovery Groups

Discovery Groups are a tool for making and multiplying new disciples. They are a significant part of Disciple Making Movements (DMM) and are intended to be used with people who don’t know Jesus to help them discover God by looking at a passage of scriptures each week. Learn how they work.