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L1- The Character of a Leader

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The most important aspect of leadership highlighted in scripture is the character of a leader. This course will teach you the essentials to developing your character for leadership.

Topics and questions asked include:

  • 20 qualities of a leader
  • When you think of your own unique shape (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, and experience), what is one of your strengths, and how do you see God using that?
  • How have you sensed God’s call on your life up to this point? (God’s word, God’s voice, God’s reasons, God’s people, God’s signs, and God’s peace)

Instructor: Michael Gatlin, Multiply Vineyard National Coordinator


Vineyard Core Values Beliefs Booklet (PDF)

5 Step Prayer Model Booklet (PDF)

Duluth Vineyard's Online Course "Learning to Pray Like Jesus"

Insecurity in Leaders, Cutting Edge (PDF)

Pertinent reading excerpts are available within the course sessions from the following books:

The Making of a Leader, Clinton

Heroic Leadership, Lowney

Spiritual Leadership, Blackaby

Sex and Money, Tripp

Empowered Evangelicals, Nathan

Power Healing, Wimber

Margin, Swenson

A Leaders Greatest Things, Maxwell

The Art of Neighboring, Pathak, Runyon

Who Is My Enemy, Nathan

Making Room, Pohl

Improving Your Serve, Swindoll

The Good and Beautiful Life, Smith

The Divine Conspiracy, Willard

Crucial Conversations, Switzler, Grenny, & McMillan

The Wisdom of Tenderness, Manning

The Peacemaker, Sande

Communicating for a Change, Stanley

12 Steps with Jesus, Williams

Improving Your Serve, Swindoll

A Testament of Devotion, Kelly

Introduction to the Devout Life, de Sales

Celebration of Discipline, Foster

The One True Thing, Baker

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Scazzero