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Every pastor’s vision, church, and community are unique. 

And there are specific activities that all church leaders are invited to participate in that producing the discipleship multiplication that we’re looking for.

The model we follow is pretty simple as we focus on these four key areas: evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and focused church planter training. This is the main and the plain, as we say in the Vineyard, of church multiplication. We are here to resource you to be even more effective in these areas.


We are a people of the kingdom of God who pursue culturally relevant mission in the world. We believe that evangelism is one of the most important priorities for anyone who wants to be part of helping God’s kingdom grow and multiply. Healthy Vineyard churches and leaders can never let up on the gas pedal of evangelism for a few key reasons.


Discipleship is the heart and soul of Christian life, and of every healthy church. Jesus has called each one of us to follow him and learn to be just like him. He has invited us to cultivate the kind of integrity and character he has. To develop the intimacy with the Father that he enjoys. To bring peace, truth and healing the way that he did. And while we do all that, to teach others around us how to do the same.

Leadership Development

Healthy churches—ones that are developing, growing, and maturing—need to be continually recruiting, developing, and empowering new leaders. A new leader can greatly multiply what you can do in evangelism, discipleship, and other areas of ministry.


Focused Church Planter Training

Training is a vital piece to a church planter’s health and success. We value knowledge and preparation and encourage potential church planters to seek out guidance and training from our local and regional pastors.


We can support your vision for church multiplication by providing access to our team of specialists.


Receive free coaching for up to 24 months after your church plant has been released or 6 months of free coaching after your church commits to multiply.
Led by Harry Fritzenschaft


Support throughout the process of discovering whether planting a Vineyard church might be a good fit for you.
Led by Arleta Aureli

La Viña

This team is here to support you as you reach out to the Spanish speakers in your community. Utilize resources available in Spanish including booklets, coaching, conferences, training, and more.
Led by Rubén Quintero

Asian American Church Planting

Support and encouragement in a multigenerational and multicultural approach for building new Asian American churches.
Led by Kenneth Kwan & Dennis Liu

Neighborhood Collective

Resources and support as we continue to experiment with church planting strategies designed to connect with people right where we live, our very own neighborhoods.
Led by Jay Pathak

Vineyard Justice Network

VJN empowers pastors and leaders to pursue and enact the justice of God’s kingdom by providing the resources, coaching, and the relationships needed to engage in issues of justice.
Led by Kathy Maskell


Our Multisite Team has assembled the very best learnings and resources from Vineyard multisite churches and other model experts to help you build one church in many locations.
Led by Corey Garris

Large Launch

The Large Launch initiative provides a clear path for church planters who have the calling and capacity to begin a large church, where they can receive training, support, and funding.
Led by Joel Lowery

Small Town USA

Small Town USA is a group of churches teaming up to plant Vineyard churches in small towns across America and equipping planters with blogs, triad partnerships, webinars, conferences, and more.
Led by Michael Houle

Disciple Making Movements

DMM is a strategy to help you engage those who may not attend a church service on Sunday morning by interacting with the bible together, developing leaders, getting coaching, and more.
Led by David Hinman

Marriage Support

Healthy marriages and families are a vital necessity for any kind of effectiveness and longevity in ministry. We want to resource our church planting couples to have the best marriages possible.
Led by Kurt Attaway