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If you’re wondering how to discern with and train up someone in front of you saying, “I just might be a church planter”, we want to help. From our years of experience planting churches all over the world, we have developed a clear process that will help you discern with your potential planter how they will invest their life.

Stages of the process

  • 1: Identification
  • 2: Training
  • 3: Assessment
  • 4: Pre-launch
  • 5: Release
  • 6: Support


Vineyard Church Planters are people who long to see the gospel extended and bring transformation to a new community.

Planters are folks who aren’t always content with what already exists, rather they have an entrepreneurial bent. They want to start new things. They want to challenge the status quo. They notice things that are wrong or broken and they have the vision of how to accomplish what’s necessary for healthy change. If that sounds like someone in your church, you may want to begin to discern with them if church planting is what God is calling them to. 

To begin this stage, invite the potential planter to take the 10 Questions, a self-assessment to help them get perspective on how their gifts and abilities align with what’s necessary for church planting. These questions are intended to be a starting point for a conversation between the two of you. Then have them begin a conversation with us by scheduling a call with us. 

To help you understand the whole process of planting a Vineyard church, we’ve created an eBook that explains the steps of church planting with the Vineyard and the resources available to your planter.

We want to help you work with a potential planter to help them develop the skills and character necessary for effective and healthy church planting.

To see where they need training and how their skills compare to other successful church planters, they’ll take our first assessment, a simple interdenominational assessment tool by Lifeway Research called the Church Planter Candidate Assessment (CPCA).

This tool assesses their readiness, maturity, and some specific church planter skill sets and will provide the feedback necessary for your next discernment conversation, where  you will talk through the results and address areas where they need additional training. 

As you both begin to feel confident that God is calling them to plant a Vineyard Church, they will fill out the Vineyard Church Planting Application.

One part of the application will be getting a recommendation from you. 



The next steps in their discernment process are two assessments which will provide the context for two deeper conversations to help you focus your training.

This step involves a Pastoral Assessment Interview with a trained Vineyard church planting assessor and a Psychological Assessment with Campion, Barrow, and Associates to look at their current level of readiness from several different angles.

Together, you will review their results, continuing their training, helping them work on developing the key skills every church planter needs to be successful, identifying the model or approach that they’ll take in planting the church, and continuing to connect them to other pastors and leaders throughout the Vineyard.

This stage is when the planter puts the finishing touches on their training and get connected to mentors who have done the same model of church planting they’re doing.

We have specialists who can help coach and resource them in many different areas including large launch, multisites, small-town church planting, Spanish-speaking churches, and many others. View our specialists here.

You’ll also want to help them get connected to the leadership of their region and in the location that they’re going to be planting.


To legally be recognized as a Vineyard church and use the Vineyard name, they will need to fill out a Legal Packet for release which you will sign, along with regional and national Vineyard leaders.

Once these documents have been filled out, Multiply Vineyard will send the church plant start-up funds if applicable and connect them with a coach to help support them for their first 24 months.



The Vineyard is committed to journeying with you both and providing support to help you have the best chance of success.

That’s why Vineyard Church plants receive a certified coach for up to 24 months at no charge to the planter.

New planters also get tickets to the annual Multiply Vineyard Summit, access to Vineyard Digital Membership for the first year, webinars and training opportunities, ongoing relational support and connection with other planters and pastors in their region, and much more.

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