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R3- Reaching, Connecting, & Building People

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The third course in the Residency Program aims to provide a deep look the calling to share the gospel, and how that can transform a persons life. Specifically, this course explores sharing the gospel, beginning to lead others on a path of discipleship, and best practices for gathering people for a church plant.

Students will be led through each session by their facilitating local pastor who may add supporting material or assignments to the course when necessary.

Course Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

  • Students will understand and articulate the gospel of the kingdom from a Vineyard perspective.
  • Students will be able to articulate the biblical invitation of the great commission. 
  • Students will begin to implement a biblical strategy multiplying disciples in the church.
  • Students will effectively lead and multiply a small group.

Instructor: Michael Gatlin, Multiply Vineyard National Coordinator

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