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Large Launch

An approach to plant new churches with momentum

We help qualified planters launch large.

A large launch model is typically a church plant that begins a public service as soon as possible with a launch team sent from a well-resourced sending church. From that initial large gathering, they begin the work of establishing biblical community and discipleship in smaller settings.

Mostly, only our largest churches had the ability to send well-resourced teams of leaders to support this kind of church plant. The hope of this initiative is to create a clear and achievable path where qualified planters in the Vineyard, regardless of the size or bandwidth of their sending church, have the opportunity, upon assessment, to launch with a strong momentum and capacity for quick growth.

To accomplish this we have established a very helpful partnership with The Association of Related Churches (ARC) to provide their resources and training to Vineyard planters who want to use this approach. ARC has a wonderful track record of training, providing support, and extending the funding necessary to launch a large church successfully. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve joined with what they’re already doing really well.

Large Launch planters raise at least $30,000 to be released by the Vineyard Movement. These funds are then matched dollar for dollar in the form of an interest-free loan from Multiply Vineyard. This loan, when repaid, will fund new church plants!

Where to Begin

If you believe a Vineyard Large Launch might be a good fit for you, here’s what to do: 

  1. Start the Multiply Vineyard process of discernment for church planting. Indicate you’re interested in Large Launch when you connect with us and someone from the Multiply Vineyard team will get you in contact with with our Large Launch Specialist. You will continue working through the entire Multiply Vineyard process and be connected to area and regional leaders within the Vineyard for assessment, training, and relational support.

  2. Go to ARC’s website to review their process. Before you apply with ARC, you must watch the 8 Essentials of Church Planting videos to get an idea if this is the right fit for you.

Joel Lowery | Large Launch Specialist

Joel is an expert on the vision for and the specifics of sending out large launch churches in the Vineyard and our partnership with the Association of Related Churches.

Large Launch Initiative eBook

Want more information on launching large? Learn about the large launch process and see a sample financial agreement.
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